Feisty Diva (feistydiva) wrote,
Feisty Diva

Personal eBay Sales

Thanks to B's help, the massive amount of stuff I no longer use is starting to become listed on eBay. It's in store format, so everything will stay up until someone decides to give it a home. It's going to be a slow process getting everything listed, so new things will appear in the eBay list weekly... possibly daily. Check it once a week, and you might be surprised by what's been lurking in my closets and storage bins for ages. Lip Service, Betsey Johnson, Trashy Diva, Geoffrey Mac, Dane, Cyberoptix, SDL, Tripp, bebe, BCBG, Tripp, latex, shoes, boots, hats, goggles, etc.


(PS: This is all personal stuff and not Peacock Blue Design Studio pieces.)

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