Feisty Diva (feistydiva) wrote,
Feisty Diva

PurpleSale At Peacock Blue Design Studio

PurpleSale at Peacock Blue Design Studio!

My beautiful Mother passed away after an incredible battle with pancreatic cancer on August 6th. I have pledged to continue fighting this horrible disease for her by doing all I can to raise awareness and research funding for pancreatic cancer. All funds from any sales of the purple pieces offered on this page, less any PayPal fees and shipping costs, will be donated toward this effort. While the purchase of goods is not tax-deductable thanks to the IRS, you can feel proud that buying a Peacock Blue Design Studio PurpleSale piece will help support a good cause! We will try to create more purple pieces in the upcoming months.

Please check it out and shop for a cure!

PS: If any designers or artists want to help raise money for pancreatic cancer by donating an original piece of purple wearable art (jewelry, handbags, clothing, etc.) for the PurpleSale, please contact me. I am in the process of creating a "Guest Artists" section on the PurpleSale page for those who have offered pieces. It would help cross-promote your business as well as support a good cause.

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