Feisty Diva (feistydiva) wrote,
Feisty Diva

DJ Diva Spins This Month's DXS/Rapture Party: The Mardi Gras Edition

The Mardi Gras Edition of the monthly DXS/RAPTURE party happens this Saturday, February 28th.

Dream~X~Streams (www.dxsrapture.com) is proud to continue their fine tradition of providing safe, sane and consensual play in a friendly atmosphere.

The Mardi Gras Edition of the monthly DXS/RAPTURE party happens this Saturday, February 28th!

To establish or renew your membership and RSVP, please send an e-mail to dxsrapture@gmail.com. If you are new to DXS/Rapture, please allow them some time to complete review process so that everyone can be assured that all play will be safe, sane, and consensual. The membership fee is only $20 this month.

The DXS/Rapture House Domme, Mistress Dolphy, and Guest House Domme Mistress Unique will be cooking up some tasty mischief so there will be something to suit everyone's taste. On the menu (in addition to the regular hearty fare) will be electric play, liquid latex, waxing, and a room filled with surprises where the lights are completely out!

Mark will be making his debut as Guest Dom at DXS Rapture by showing off his rope skills. Look for him somewhere in the house. He'll be the guy with lots and lots of rope...

Stop by the vending table to see if that coveted item from Winter Fire is still available.

For your auditory enjoyment, we have a sound system provided by Marti the Sound Guy, and a stellar array of DJs for this event, including:

Dirty B, one of the founders and DJs of Alchemy, which was for years one of the largest goth/industrial dance parties on the East coast.

Feisty Diva (www.feistydiva.com), who is well-known in the DC club circuit as DJ Diva. DJ Diva made her debut as a gothic and industrial nightclub deejay in Washington DC during the latter part of 1993 at Asylum In Exile with DJ Ian. In 1994, Deejay Diva went solo to become the co- promoter and house deejay for Ascension at Club Heaven in Adams Morgan. Deejay Diva formed a group venture with deejay Red Steve and promoter Cyber Jen in 1995 to establish Erebus, which began at Club Diversité and later moved to Bar Nun. In 2002, Deejay Diva was a house deejay and co-promoter for Dollhouse at the Black Cat's Backstage. Deejay Diva has performed as a guest deejay in Washington DC at The Roxy, Bound, Black Cat, Tracks, Alchemy, Purgatorio, Midnight, Nevermore and Art-O-Matic. In a joint venture with deejay Red Steve, she deejayed and helped host the "Dark Desires" ball at the 1995 and 1996 DisClave events in Washington DC. She was also the house deejay for the Dark Harvest Festival in Philadelphia in 1995.

Our own House DJ Coordinator Wien 71. For several months, he was the resident DJ on the roof at Chronos. He has guest DJed at Alchemy, Bound, Cabal, Midnight, Stamp Out Disco, Taboo and Wasteland. He was also the DJ in the lounge for the 2006 edition of the Maryland Death fest. His name is derived from a dark Viennese joke that says that when someone dies, they have taken the 71-- the 71 being the tram which goes to Vienna's (in German, Wien) Central Cemetery, where several of the world's greatest composers, including Beethoven and Brahms are buried.

...and the familiar DJ 333 will be bringing the freshest stuff out there!

With such accomplished hands at the music helm, the atmosphere promises to be positively crackling with sexy energy!

Note: The hardwood floors are newly redone, so the owner asks that we go easy on them. If you have shoes or boots that have worn down and are scratchy, please choose others or leave them with Leslie, our Coat-Check Girl. ($2 coat check, so bring those ones, or a fiver if you like to tip generously...) This is a great opportunity to go barefoot (the owner of the party space really likes feet)! While you're stripping down to your toes, consider wearing those Mardi Gras beads... and nothing else!

BYOB for this event.

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