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Peacock Blue Design Studio - General Note

For any communication regarding orders, questions, etc., it is best to contact Peacock Blue Design Studio either through the Mail Form on our website or by e-mail at questions (at) peacock-blue (dot) com. You may also contact us via any of the other methods listed on our Customer Service page. We will generally try to respond to all communication to the studio within a week, but if you have not heard back from us within two weeks please try again. From time to time we experience technical difficulties like everyone else does.

We do ask that you refrain from using LiveJournal comments, MySpace messaging, ModelMayhem messaging, etc., as a means to communicate with Peacock Blue Design Studio regarding orders, questions, etc. We do not always receive message notifications from those types of systems for various reasons. We are also not able to log into those accounts on a daily basis.

Thank you very much for understanding.
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Size Fail, eBay Sale

If anyone knows a small lady motorcycle rider or passenger who needs a leather jacket, the one I bought is a bit big on me and can't be returned or exchanged. So, I've listed it on eBay. There are matching medium gloves listed too, which were also a little big on me.


Feisty Diva - Couture Hat

A little more eBay

I have added a few more things to the eBay listings since the last time I posted, though most of the previously listed items are gone. Lip Service, Tripp NYC, Plastik Wrap, Cyberdog, Vollers, Fantasy Shoes of London, DeMask, Libidex, and some other miscellaneous items. Mostly XS and S, but there are a couple of slightly larger (never altered) things like Vesperi latex outfits.


For some reason the Libidex latex stockings aren't showing up in the list yet, so here are the individual links:


Thanks for looking!
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Support Virginia Craft Breweries!

Attention Virginia residents! Support your local craft breweries TODAY by asking your legislators to pass SB604!

SB604 would allow would allow craft breweries to sell pints to customers so you could tour a Virginia brewery and enjoy a pint afterwards, in the same way you can enjoy a glass of wine at a Virginia winery. Please contact your Virginia legislators* TODAY, as the bill is going before the committee tomorrow morning. I've put together a sample letter you can use since the Guild did not:

Dear [legislator]

As a constituent who believes in maintaining a level playing field for similar types of businesses, I am writing to express my strong support for Virginia SB604. I urge you to please support SB604 as well and to reveal your decision publicly as soon as possible. SB604 would greatly benefit many of the smaller craft breweries in Virginia because it allows a brewery licensee to sell beer at retail at premises described in the brewery license for on-premises consumption and in closed containers for off-premises consumption. This would allow production breweries sell pints to customers so you could tour a Virginia brewery and enjoy a pint afterwards, much like how you can enjoy a glass of wine at a Virginia winery. More importantly, this would put Virginia on even footing with many of our neighboring states and help bring more commerce to the Commonwealth in a similar vein as our wineries do.

Thank you very much for your attention. I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely [your name, street address & phone number].

*You can use this link from the Guild's page to find yours.
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For The Record

I did NOT give permission for this stranger to use my photo to represent herself in the "About Me" of her pro-ana blog www.anaregzig.blogspot.com. I do NOT condone or support pro-ana activities.

Anorexia is a very serious psychological disorder that causes a great deal of physical harm which can lead to death. Those suffering from the disease need to get professional help and treatment.

Needless to say I am very upset about having my personal modeling photo associated with this stranger's pro-ana blog. I am not anorexic and never have been.

I have filed a DMCA with the appropriate authorities.
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If you're interested in virtually raiding my closet, we've added more things to the eBay store. We'll be adding more latex, costumes, corsets, boots, club clothes, vintage clothing, etc. in the days to come. With all of the upcoming events over the next few weeks, if you need something right away please LET US KNOW. We'll work with you to get it there on time, and if you're local we can arrange for you to come pick it up (and refund the shipping charges).

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PurpleSale - Shop For A Cure - Benefits The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer By Shopping The PurpleSale at Peacock Blue Design Studio!


Please check it out and shop for a cure! One of a kind items starting at $20 and up!

I will be participating in the PurpleStride 2009 walk in Maryland this coming Sunday, October 11th, in memory of my mother to continue the fight against this silent killer. My goal is to raise $500 by then to help fund research for and awareness of pancreatic cancer.