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I'm not really going to clubs or alternative events anymore, so I am clearing most of the clubwear out of my closets. I just started posting a few of the things on eBay, and I'll try to add more each week as I find some extra time. There are probably at least 100 more things yet to be listed, so check back. Thanks for looking!



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Sep. 27th, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
This makes me sad for some reason.
Sep. 27th, 2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
Why? I did keep about five of my favorite outfits and three pairs of shoes/boots. Everything else has to go though. I just really don't find the club scene fun anymore and there is no reason to have all this stuff crammed into my living space.

I still love my friends (i.e., those people who bother to interact with me outside of a club), and I would prefer to see them in a setting where we can actually talk instead of shouting at each other over loud music.

Sep. 27th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, Wendy, these are beautiful. And I am about 6 dress sizes too large for them these days. :)

I also feel a little sad about your formal divestment of your self from the clubs, but I do understand the change.
Sep. 27th, 2011 07:47 pm (UTC)
Sadly this is just scratching the surface... or is it the tip of the iceberg? The hanging outfits alone took up over 2 linear feet in my closet. I still have a lot to list...

If there's something really outstanding going on at a club, I may go (I kept a couple of outfits), but there's nothing compelling me to go often enough to keep so many clothes that serve only that purpose (i.e., they aren't appropriate for the office and most aren't that comfortable). I'd rather get a little cash for them and make some space. It's kind of nice to see the back of my closet and not having everything so squished together that I can't sort through what's in there.
Sep. 30th, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
Ugh stop being so small so I can buy your stuff! lol
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